What is Amplified Behaviour?

We are on a mission to raise the benchmark in animal welfare and responsible training.

We want to give you the BEST results, whether you are training your own pet, or are part of professional services working with animals. 

Our courses and private coaching sessions will give you everything you need to build your skills, enhance your understanding of animal communication and forge deeper connections with your family, team and the wonderful animals in your life. 


All behaviour can be shaped. Whether it's animal behaviour or the behaviour of your kids, your customers, your managers or staff.

We design simple solutions to complex problems you face in business and education, every day. We work 121 with behaviour referrals and pet training clients. We are turning pet shops, vets and rescues, into animal training centres. We work with the NHS, local authorities and national media to deliver talks and
 training as well as up-skilling pet owners and professionals with bespoke courses.

If you're struggling with pet behaviour or
your organisation needs some support to upskill or re-inspire your work force or you have a query about our bespoke courses, you can e-mail us at info@amplifiedbehaviour.com

Welcome to the world of Behaviour...Amplified!

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A Taste of what's inside...

This sample lesson relates to aggression in dogs and how to recognise the signals that all is not right

“Imagine what the world could look like if praise and reward were more prevalent than criticism and punishment. This is my waking dream. I'll give my life to build that world.”

Hannah Molloy

Hannah's clients:

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Immerse yourself in a learning journey where you'll better understand dogs, their language, their behaviour and how we can live better with them with praise and reward