The Unbreakable Puppy

She's trained over 10,000 dogs and rewritten the book on puppy training classes. Take your puppy from zero to hero with with Hannah's bespoke puppy bundle

  • Understand a dogs breed drive will shape it's choices and behaviour and give yourself the best tools to pick the right breed for your lifestyle

  • Set your pup up for success from day 1 as Hannah walks you through the first night, puppy proofing and settling in

  • Practical training with fear free techniques that will help you shape a calm and confident super pup that can fetch the post, recall in the park and ENJOY having its nails trimmed!

  • Deepen your knowledge on puppy socialisation and learn how crucial early learning can make the difference between life and death for dogs

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Puppy Settle In

  • 2

    7 Week Puppy Class

    • Week 1: Hands Give Good Gifts

    • Week 2: Lovely Leadwork

    • Week 3: Obedience Basics

    • Week 4: Vet Check Tricks & Grooming

    • Week 5: Dog Body Language

    • Week 6: Proofing & Problem Solving

    • Week 7: Sports Day!

  • 3

    Puppy Socialisation

    • Puppy Development: 0-8 Weeks

    • 8-16 weeks: The Sensitive Phase

    • 4-6 months: Fear Phase

    • 6-18 months: Adolescence

    • What is Socialisation?

    • The Top 4 Socialisation Fails

    • What is Habituation?

    • Key Events: Early Stages

    • Key Events: Fear, Sensitive Phases & Adolescence

  • 4

    Training Foundations

    • Understanding Your Learner

    • The Power of NO

    • Attention Seeking

    • Luring & "This Way"

    • Clicker Introduction

    • Clicker Training Top Tips

    • Click, Sit & Down

    • Teaching your dog their name

    • Teaching Watch

    • Teaching Wait or Stay

    • Relaxation Mat Training

    • Teaching Touch

    • The Intelligence Test

    • How To Greet A Dog

    • Force Free Harness, Muzzle, Vet Collar & Jumper Fitting!

    • Puppy Chewing & Nipping

    • Punishment & Time Outs

    • Bonus Content: Changing Undesirable Behaviour

    • Bonus Talk - Are Dogs Dominant?

  • 5

    Loose Lead Walking & Recall

    • Why Dogs Pull

    • Choosing a lead

    • Teaching Close

    • Let's Walk!

    • It's Lead Time

    • Pulling Doesn't Work

    • Training without food

    • Leadwork Trouble Shooting

    • Reliable Recall

  • 6

    Understanding Breeds

    • Breed Drives Introduction

    • The Ancestral Dog Family

    • What Breeds Love

  • 7

    Dog Shopping: Food, Chews, Toys & Training Products

    • A Brief History of Dog Food, The Power of Advertising

    • The History of Nutrition

    • Choose Chews

    • Rawhide Chews

    • Natural Chews

    • Alternative Chews

    • Chewing Behaviour

    • Toys

    • Training Products

  • 8

    Dog Food: A Nutritionists Perspective with Alison Daniel

    • Dog Food: A Nutritionists perspective with Alison Daniel

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£265 Over 10 hours of bite sized lessons to get your teeth into

A bundle for every new, old and wannabe puppy owner at a fraction of the price of a puppy!

We always say you should spend as least as much on your pups education as you spend on purchasing it in the first place. No book, breeder or friend can truly prepare you for the highs lows and labour that need investing in a decent puppyhood. But with this beautiful bundle you can rest assured your pup is going home with a human that is fully informed and completely prepared for the adventure

Your Instructor

Hannah Molloy

Hannah Molloy BSc Hons is a qualified Animal Behaviourist that has trained and rehabilitated over 10,000 dogs, in 10 years using science led LIMA principles. Featured on Channel 4’s Puppy School as an expert trainer and the author of the internationally best selling dog body language encyclopaedia ‘What’s My Dog Thinking?’ Hannah is an award winning and engaging speaker for zoo’s, colleges and professional associations such as International Canine Behaviourists (ICB) and works alongside UK Parliament as a consultant in polices regarding dog and human behaviour. She graduated with a degree in Animal Behaviour in 2008 and had her dissertation published in the Journal of Applied Animal Behaviour Science, going on to work as a Zoo Keeper, an Animal Learning Co-ordinator and a Dogs Trust training and behavioural advisor before setting up her first education company and not for profit Pawfect Dogsense CIC and The Dog Education Project. Her passion for animal welfare education and communication is infectious and she has a track record of 'reliable optimism' often proving that the 'Impossible' can become 'Difficult' before it's 'Done'!