Learn to Speak Dog

The ultimate bargain bucket bundle combining Dog Body Language Chapters 1, 2 & 3 plus a bonus module to practise your growing observation skills with force free harness fitting. A must have course for any dog owner, pet professional or dog lover!

  • Common myths and mistakes are explained and debunked - you'd be amazed about how much of what we take for granted as "doggy truth" is actually wrong

  • Learn the A B C of dog communication, how to observe each body part, zoom out on the context and spot postural words or phrases

  • Identify tell tale signs of worry and distress that will help you keep your dog safe around children and other dogs

  • Teach your dog to be comfortable and confident wearing a harness, muzzle, vet collar or jazzy jacket with a practical lesson in force free handling!

  • Understand the full suite of dog greetings, how to spot a good dog to mix with AND recognise the all important flags to fair and unfair play between dogs!

Dog Body Language Course Curriculum

Becoming fluent in dog makes your personal and professional relationship with dogs stronger than it's ever been before. Learning a new language is for life! And this one is utterly fascinating. Here's a breakdown of your lesson plan..

  • 1

    Dog Body Lang Chapter 1: Dog Watching

    • Dog Watching: Scent

    • Become Fluent in Dog!

    • Firm Foundations

    • Zooming In & Behaviour in Context

    • Body Language Myths & Misconceptions

    • Introduction To The Tail

    • Tail Speed & Posture

    • Do Dogs Want Their Tummies Tickled?

    • The Eyes

    • The Ears

    • The Mouth

    • Dog Body Language Level 1 Retention Quiz

  • 2

    Dog Body Language Chapter 2: Calming Signals & Avoiding Aggression

    • Introduction

    • Calming Signals Part 1

    • Calming Signals Part 2

    • Aggression & Bites

    • Poses of Confidence & Relaxation

    • How To Greet A Dog

    • Dog Body Language Level 2 Retention Quiz

  • 3

    Force Free Harness, Muzzle, Vet Collar & Jumper Fitting!

    • Force Free Harness, Muzzle, Vet Collar & Jumper Fitting!

  • 4

    Dog Body Language Chapter 3: Dog Greetings & Play

    • Introduction

    • The Dog Handshake

    • Greeting Strategies

    • The Approach

    • The 'Now What?'

    • Fair Play

    • Unfair Play

    • Family Play

    • Getting Involved with Dog-Dog Play

    • Dog Body Language Level 3 Retention Quiz

  • 5

    Bonus Talk - Dominance Theory In Detail

    • Let's Talk About Dominance

Watch Intro Video

Watch The Course Introduction

Preview the first video from the course to get a taste for what is inside

A comprehensive fifteen video course

Put your new-found dog watching skills straight into practise!

One of the most important building blocks for any dog owner, understanding body language is Hannah's speciality. This package combines all three dog body language levels plus a practical application module 'Force Free Harness, Muzzle & Cone fitting' to help you put your new-found dog watching skills straight into practise!

Your Instructor

Hannah Molloy

Hannah Molloy BSc Hons is a qualified Animal Behaviourist that has trained and rehabilitated over 10,000 dogs, in 10 years using science led LIMA principles. Featured on Channel 4’s Puppy School as an expert trainer and the author of the internationally best selling dog body language encyclopaedia ‘What’s My Dog Thinking?’ Hannah is an award winning and engaging speaker for zoo’s, colleges and professional associations such as International Canine Behaviourists (ICB) and works alongside UK Parliament as a consultant in polices regarding dog and human behaviour. She graduated with a degree in Animal Behaviour in 2008 and had her dissertation published in the Journal of Applied Animal Behaviour Science, going on to work as a Zoo Keeper, an Animal Learning Co-ordinator and a Dogs Trust training and behavioural advisor before setting up her first education company and not for profit Pawfect Dogsense CIC and The Dog Education Project. Her passion for animal welfare education and communication is infectious and she has a track record of 'reliable optimism' often proving that the 'Impossible' can become 'Difficult' before it's 'Done'!